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Monday, July 9th 2012

3:45 AM

Preteen nymphets posing


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From: J J
Subject: Coach preteen xxx porno
Part 2: Sheriff I went with Mr Jones that night to meet the crew. It turns out that I
knew most of them, the first we met up with that night, being the local
"Heya Jim, you got some fresh meat there?....Wait a minute... preteen webrings thats...
Davey?" Officer Smith asked
"Yeh its me Sherif."
"Nonesense, call me Buck" he replied
"I'm thinking about inducting him into our crew Buck," said Mr Jones.
"Ya dont say? Can I have a crack at him?" inquired Buck
"He's yours for the night" replied Mr Jones
With that I got into Buck's cop car and we sped down to the city
jail/police department. There were only two officers, being that this was a
very small town. The second officer was deputy Harris. I assumed he was
off for the night because we were going to have sex in the police
department. There was never anyone in the single cell expect for a few
drunks who periodically need to get dryed out.
We entered and just as I expected no one was there.
"Your not a boy anymore, so lets get down to it. I'm your master tonight
and right now you strip." demanded Buck.
Buck was a sturdy extremely butch man. He had close croped dark hair and
a well trimmed mustace, although he had a thick shadow on his face at this
point of the night making him even sexier. He was quite muscular.
I quickly stripped my cloths off in anticipation. Buck walk over and
grabbed my almost fully hard cock, jacking slowly as his other hand rubbed
my hairy chest.
"Looks like Davey became a man at college, I'll show you what being a
real man is all about." Buck growled as he began to jack me off faster. My
now fully erect penis was oozing precum, lubing Buck's powerful hand.
Faster and faster he jacked. Soon his other hand found my left nipple,
pulling, pinching, and tugging. I couldnt take anymore and shot a huge load
all over the floor.
"That was the best handjob I ever had!" I exclaimed.
"Suck my cock faggot, if you even drip any of my cum on the floor I'll
tear your asshole apart!" yelled Buck unzipping the fly of his uniform and
pulling his pants down to his ankles. Under his uniform pants he wore
nothing but his jock. And old sweaty jock that was turning yellow with piss
I fell to my knees preteen hardcore underground and started to suck his shaft through the fabric of
his jock. The smell was intoxicating and I was hard already again. I
ripped his jock off, and engulfed his large 9 inch cut prick. Not without
expirence I deepthroated it, and he was fucking my face. While my nose was
in his pubes I realized his nuts were also abnormally large.
Using every technique I knew I gave Buck, this hunk of man steaming with
masculinity the greatest pleasure I could. Within preteen preteen models minutes his moans turn to
grunts. And his grunts turned into dirty talk.
"Dont let any of this spunk hit the ground boy!" Buck grunted as his
semen flooded my mouth, shot down my throat. A few drops escaped my mouth
and landed on the concrete ground below.
After his orgasm subsided Buck pulled his thick cut dick out of my mouth
and found some of his man preteen preteen models cream on the cold hard flooring.
"I knew you wanted to be fucked" Buck announced.
Now taking off his shirt he revealed his chisled upper body, large man
nipples, and a thick coating of dark hair. He reached to his desk and
grabbed his nightstick,"Turn around" was all he said.
I knew what he was gonna do, and I couldn't wait. As soon as I turned
around he shoved 6 inches of the nightstick up my ass. He began to fuck me
with it, although not as thick as Mr Jones's cock, it was considerably
"Fuck yourself with this boy!" ordered Buck.
I began to fuck myself with the nightstick and then Buck got to his
knees! Having such a hot hairy, manly guy on his knees sucking my cock was
amazing! He took it all expertly in one swallow. Wasting no time he face
fucked himself on my pole, while I fucked myself with his nightstick.
I was feeling pleasure like I had never felt before and couldnt control
myself preteen cp movies much longer, as I exploded in Buck's mouth, another load just as
large as the one that spewed nasty preteen girls
out of my cock after his handjob.
It was clear that he derived as much pleasure giving it then recieving as
his cock was at full mast again. I decided to give him a handjob just like
the one he had given me.
His cock was larger, but that almost made it easier to jack. Starting
slowly I sped preteen pedo tits up gradually. His hips started to buck, doing some of the
work for me. In about two minutes he let out a second load all over the
"You...passed...my test," He breathed as he hyper ventalated from the
explosive orgasm.
"You passed my test to get into The Crew. We'll sleep here tonight then
you'll meet the next member"
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Monday, July 9th 2012

12:00 AM

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